My Photography Journey – interview

Recently I was interviewed by Grant Swinbourne on his excellent Landscape Photography World podcast. In the interview I talked about my photography journey over the last thirty years. This included my early years growing up on Sydney Harbour, using my first cameras to capture the beauty of the ocean as well as fishing trips to Australia’s tropical north and Papua New Guinea, and my rediscovery of photography in the 2010s on trips to major cities in North America, Europe and Asia.

Embracing mirrorless, small format cameras, my late in life rediscovery of the joy of photography has grown into a consuming passion as my knowledge of the technical aspects of composition and processing has developed.

In recent years, the pandemic has led me to shift my attention to local seascape and landscape compositions and explore the creative possibilities of hidden waterfalls and the beauty of beaches and headlands at sunrise and sunset. I have also sought to marry my research interest in climate change with photographic projects exploring the fossil fuel industry and its physical impacts on the landscape and society. This includes exploring ways to extend my photographic vision into artistic and abstract compositions which address the realities of the vulnerability of the natural environment and the changing landscape we are now living within.

In the podcast, Grant and I discuss climate change and the challenges we face with it, how I use my imagery in teaching and the way photography has helped me in my career as a climate researcher.

Ep 86 – Rosie Steggles Landscape Photography World

Rosie Steggles has been interested in photography practically her whole life.  Rosie had her first SLR when she was in high school.    Digital Photography has allowed her to have more control over how she wants her images to look and so she can create more of a mood in her shots.    Rosie now focuses on her compositional work and creating a story image from scratch.   While Rosie loves landscape and travel photography, she’s also a very keen explorer of  a lot of genres for example: architecture, surf, etc (portrait photography scares her the most though).   We discuss her horror story, how she’s developed her multiple exposure style, the hacking of her instagram account and how she got it back along with a whole lot more!   I hope you enjoy the show!   You can find Rosie's work here: Instagram: & Facebook:   Listen to this and other episodes wherever you find your podcasts or on   Or subscribe to my YouTube channel   Theme music: Liturgy Of The Street by Shane Ivers –   #podcast #landscapephotography  
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