New Backpack!

Since 2016 I’ve been the proud owner of a Peak Design Everyday Backpack 20 litre in Ash Grey. I bought the bag back when Peak Design pitched it on Kickstarter and I can remember my excitement when the bag arrived and I loaded it up with my Olympus camera kit.

In the ensuing 5 years that bag went everywhere with me. It really became my everyday bag replacing my briefcase for work as it comfortably accommodated my 13inch Dell XPS, my Olympus EM1 with 12-40PRO Zoom as well as books, notes and USB drives, cables external hard drives and other computer peripherals.

When it came to travel, the backpack proved invaluable as my carry-on luggage comfortably carrying my entire camera kit (two Olympus EM1iis, multiple lenses (7-14PRO, 12-40PRO and 40-150PRO plus some primes), my laptop, toiletry bag, computer peripherals etc etc. Out on the street or trekking the countryside this bag did it all, from LA to Chicago, London to Edinburgh, Sapa to Hanoi, Barcelona to Venice, the bag clocked up some miles and never once did I find it wanting as my everyday camera bag.

Among the features that I grew to love were: the easy side-access panels allowing me to grab different cameras and lenses without taking the bag off my back; the easily adjustable and comfortable back straps; and the attractive design of the bag that looked sharp and fashionable. I’ve lost count of the number of strangers who’ve stopped and asked me about the bag, or the other Peak Design aficionados I ran into who raved about their Everyday Backpack.

Anyway, after years of faithful service, the other day I noticed one of the straps on my backpack was wearing and catching in the aluminum buckle when I tried to adjust the length of the strap. This started to become a bit annoying and so I reached out to Peak Design via their website and was directed to their lifetime warranty. I filled out the warranty form, included some photos and a video of the problem and within 24 hours got a reply from friendly staff member Irish informing me they would honour the warranty and that a new Everyday Backpack was on its way! Wow – that is service!

So the other day the replacement backpack arrived and to my surprise it was a new version 2 of the Everyday Backpack. I quickly noticed some design improvements (capability to take a larger laptop, more comfortable shoulder straps which magnetically stick when not in use, improved internal FlexFold organizers and external zippers). Check out the video below for a full overview of all the new features:

This afternoon, I loaded up the new backpack with my standard landscape kit (including Sirui tripod) and went for a walk around one of my local headlands. While not an epic sunset, I took some photos of this stylish new piece of kit and am impressed with a bag that improves on an already stellar piece of camera-carrying equipment. Combine this with Peak Design’s amazing lifetime warranty and this bag is worth every dollar!

Looking forward to taking this bag on lots of photographic adventures in the years to come.

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